Want to Learn what is New?

If you are like many of us that use the internet, you will always be looking to see what is new, not just with the internet but what is new in technology or sports. Until now that may have meant we would have to browse the web looking for different sites that may update us, first with sports and then with technology but not anymore. Today there is a relatively new website which will update us on what is new around the world, all from just one site whether it is a sporting update or a technical update and that site is called Updunk. This site is not updated by just one editor, it is updated by all of us as we can, when we find something we think may be of interest to others, upload it to the site and share it with the world. Currently of course you can already do that on a social media site but in those instances, it is only shared with those people that are your friends on whatever social media site that may be. This though will share it with the world, anyone that wishes to visit the site. If for instance we were to find that there is being a new design for basketball shoes being worked on, we can share that information on the site so that anyone on the worldwide web can know what to expect the next new pair of basketball shoes will look like. Before if we had wanted to share that information, we could of course share it with our friends on social media but otherwise first, we would have to find a site that posted interesting things about sports or basketball in particular and then we would have to ask permission to post the information we had which may or may not be accepted. As any of us that visit the site can post anything that we find interesting, it is not just about one topic it will cover a whole range of topics. Even with a site that claims to cover many topics, it will usually have just one or two people providing their content and they of course may be biased and so only cover certain topics. With this site, although the owner of the site will obviously check for the quality of the content, they will not usually interfere with what one of us has found interesting as many others may also find it interesting. The concept of this website which is still new and so does not as yet have a lot of content, is perhaps unique as it is a site that has content from the people for the people and so has no biased towards any particular topic. Here in the future you may find the latest innovative gift ideas or the latest in the world of technology and of course anything new that may be happening in the world of sport or news in general.