An Often Overlooked Piece of Survival Gear

Are you big into camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities? Do you feel you know what you need to know to stay safe? You probably think you have all the basic gear you need to cover almost any situation you may run into.

You might be surprised to learn many people leave out this ne piece of essential survival gear from their basic pack outs. Maybe you do too.

Don’t Leave This Behind

If you spend any amount of time outdoors, whether in a cabin or in a tent, you probably have most of the basic equipment covered. You most likely have a way to start a fire, such as a box of matches or a way to create a spark. You have appropriate clothing. You also have a knife.

But, do you have another bladed tool that is useful for so many situations?

An absolutely must have piece of survival equipment on both short and long term outdoor adventures is a quality survival axe. It can be a matter of life and death.

Some of the more common duties a survival axe is good for are:

  • Clearing brush
  • Taking down small trees or saplings
  • Split small and medium logs for fire or makeshift shelter
  • Sharpen sticks
  • Use the poll as a hammer
  • Clean and process small game
  • Protect yourself

And that’s just some of them. You are sure to find other ways to use a well-made survival axe.

When you are shopping for a new axe, you don’t need to specifically look for one labeled as a survival axe. Some of the other types of axes that would do the same job may be labeled as camper’s axes, trail axes, and even just a basic small hatchet.

There are some axes marketed as survival axes however. They tend to have some extra features that make them stand out from your normal axe and hatchet.

Some of those features include additional survival tools that you can stash inside the handle, like waterproof matches or fishing line, and additional tools built into the handle, like a crow bar. But, just because an axe says it’s a survival axe, it doesn’t mean that it’s well made. A basic well-made hatchet will be better for you in the long run than a poorly designed model marketed as a survival tool.

If you are a big DIY kind of person, you can try making your own survival matches like the guy in this video below!

A few things to look for to know whether or not the tool you choose is high quality or not is to find out where the head is produced. Is it made in the USA or Sweden, or is it a Chinese model? Is it hand forged or not?

You can also read online reviews from users that have purchased the model you are considering. Some previous buyers even post pictures and videos showing you how the blade stood up to some basic tasks. There’s nothing better than knowing exactly what you are getting when you decide to pull the trigger on your purchase.


Don’t spend time outdoors without packing a survival axe. They are one of the most important and useful tools you can take with you. And, you can find a quality model for less than a pair of hiking boots.